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Vera Kufuor

Vera Kufuor whose radio pen-name is OBAA YAA is a media-enthusiast who has an educational background in Media culture and communications, mostly majoring in film. The creative pioneer aims to present thought-provoking  topics sharing the day’s broadsheets (i.e. politics, social issues,  entertainment and lifestyle, sports) including researched stories across social media platforms. Her show is broadcast live every wednesday from 10 am to 11 am weekly  with great advertising and current music filtered through in-between breaks. The programme always ends with a surprise twist making it continually unique.Obaa Yaa engagingly connects with co-presenters encouraging her global audience (whom she tenderly calls “birdeons”) to make a contribution along with her and is always eager to improve her quest for great entertainment. Typically, fans fondly call her the ‘daily star’.

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