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Nosisa Mutiti

Born in the United Kingdom raised in the Sun Shine City Harare, Nosisa is very passionate about life, social justice and Zimbabwe. Nosisa found her voice to speak out about Zimbabwe during the rise of the hashtag movement #thisflag. Nosisa appeared on Paul Garikayi’s show ‘Let’s Talk’ on Africanna Radio Uk on 25th of August 2016 to share her story and subsequently joined as a co-host. Nosisa has a back ground in hospitality, management and healthcare. ‘Let’s Talk’ hosted by Nosisa and Paul and airs every Wednesday 7pm -9pm UK time . The show gives a voice to the voiceless, focuses on demystifying and opening up conversations with the nation of Zimbabwe about its past, highlighting the country’s current problems as it navigates its way to a better future.

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